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February BOR Meeting Minutes Booth Office No minutes available. No agendas available.


Foxboro Recreation Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 22, 2016 7:00 p.m.

Attended:  Ellen Garber, Heather Harding, Kevin Powers, Jim Green, Debbie Giardino, Diana Griffin, Jenna Strickland
Not Attended: Valerie Marshall, Bevie Lord, Doug Suess, Jeff Downs

7:00 pm Meeting Opened
General Business

  • Approval of Minutes. Diana made a motion to approve January meeting minutes, Jim second. Motion passed 5-0-0.
  • Booth Field Protection. Debbie reported on her meeting with school department representatives; Bill Y. and Tony M. on the topic covered at last Board Meeting, related to Booth Field vehicle vandalism and related safety of vehicle access to field. Debbie focused the meeting on safety concerns and introduced concept of a fence or structure along Igo Elementary School parking lot to keep vehicles off field when in use. School representatives do not want to pursue and stated that snow removal from parking lot onto field would be impeded, as the primary reason not to pursue.


  •  Mill Street Rental Fees. Informative discussion centered on Debbie’s review of local competitive rental landscape. Motion made by Jim to change fee to $50 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. Jenna second. Motion passed 5-0-0.


  • Town Website. Department page website administration has moved from being centralized by Town Clerk to individual departments for certain postings. Recreation Coordinator will take on role to post Board meeting minutes.
  • Booth new recycling and waste receptacles. As directed from last Board meeting, Rec staff consulted with Dooley Disposal to review waste management bin locations on the property, user/Department access to bins and opportunities to add recycling. Debbie updated the Board on the improvement plan in process to relocate bins and add new recycling options.

Financial Update

  • Financial Review/Budget Review and update Heather and Debbie reported to Board on current finances.
  • Project/Maintenance List Review and Update. Great news! The Board of Selectman, with a vote of 4 Accept and 1 Denied, passed acceptance of a Partners in Patriotism grant for Audio Visual equipment for Mill Street. New equipment will benefit town residents with expanded local rental space options when/where AV equipment is required and/or expected rental facilities. The Board was very pleased to know that demand will now be met and revenues, along with resident satisfaction will be met.
  • Report on AdCom presentation. Debbie and Heather reported on their 1/20/16 meeting with AdCom that all went well and submitted data was adequate. Of interest to the Board was learning of a subsequent AdCom Meeting on 1/27/16, where Recreation was not on the agenda and Recreation Board/Staff were not present, yet discussion of Recreation finances were discussed. As a result of that meeting, direction was conveyed via email to Heather and Debbie by the AdCom Chairman for the need to produce additional data. Additional data was provided.

Press, letters, commendations

  • None.

Director/Chairman Update

  • Internet/WiFi fee review in process with Town IT Department. Payson Field Rental & Lighting Use Fee review will be prepared for next Board meeting agenda. Multi-town survey of summer camp fees have been completed in preparation for upcoming presentation to Board to review 2016 Booth Camp rates. Programs continue to run with excellent administration by department coordinators and outstanding registration levels.
Old Busines
  • None.

New Business

  • Jenna requested that the Board explore permanent bathroom facilitates at Booth.

Meeting adjourned at 8:12 p.m. with motion by Diana, second by Jenna. Motion approved 5-0-0.

Next meeting March 21, 7:00pm at Booth Office.

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Chairman Approval Date

2016 Meeting Schedule. Unless notified otherwise, plan to meet at Booth Rec Office on South Street.

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