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Behavior Policy

Foxboro Recreation Department Staff and Board is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all of our registrants and families. To ensure safety and comfort for all, we ask individuals to act appropriately while they are at our facilities or participating in our programs. We do not permit language or actions that can hurt or frighten another person. Specifically this includes: 
  • Angry or vulgar language including swearing, name calling, and shouting; 
  • Physical contact with another person in an angry or threatening way; 
  • Any demonstration of sexual activity or sexual contact with another person; 
  • Harassment or intimidation with words, gestures, body language or other menacing behavior; 
  • Behavior which intends to or results in theft or destruction of property; 
  • Carrying or concealing any weapons or devices that may be used as weapons.
  • Any drug, tobacco product including vapes and alcohol of any kind
Staff are trained and expected to respond to any reported violation. Please do not hesitate to notify a staff person if you need assistance. Foxboro Recreation Department Staff and Board will investigate all reported incidents. Dismissal from the program or termination may result. No refunds will be given for these instances
The staff is trained to foster good behavior by creating a trusting environment that promotes appropriate behavior. Time and effort is placed on anticipating behavior problems and creating an environment that helps avoid bad behavior.  
Expectations are realistic and limits are clearly explained and supported by this environment. When behavior problems occur, attempts are made to redirect the individual to more appropriate behavior. The staff will not tolerate any misbehaving. 
The Recreation Department Staff and Board reserves the right to immediately expel an individual, based on the situation, without refund of a payment, if a child poses a safety riskThe same behavior expected during the school day is expected at Foxboro Recreation Department.
Foxboro Recreation Department and Board reserves the right to dismiss, expel, disinvite, prohibit registration or ban any individual who it deems is not acting in accordance with this participation policy. 
Any decision may be appealed to the Board and Director.